Thursday, August 19, 2004

Tavelogue: Syracuse Posted by Hello

Interstate: Syracuse

This interstate system is the best thing since sliced bread - you can actually get there from here. In Pennsylvania, once of the traffic signs said: No Construction this weekend. Enjoy the race.

I pulled this off the camcorder - I liked the red brick building and the water tower. I'm sure Syracuse boasts a beautiful building and a lovely park or two, but I'm quite happy with this somewhat insignificant moment.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Hamilton Series: One

I like industrial landscapes. Most people I know seem to think that heavy industry scars the land. They'll drive by, complaining that the air stinks. But they wouldn't be driving by if there weren't a steel mill here and there, now would they?

Hamilton series: One Posted by Hello

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Maid in Manhattan

Millions for an apartment overlooking Central Park cannot compare to a swimming pool in the back yard.

Ground zero - a hole with a fence around it. Neighbouring buildings wearing black mourning, widows. Domino NYPD cars a necklace to the Stock Exchange. Code Orange. Miles of buses still bringing commuters INTO the city, epitome home of the brave.

The largest department store in the world and a 5th Ave. jeweller couldn't do what a hole-in-the-wall jeweller in a tiny McDonald's plaza in Newmarket did....take off the ring that choked my finger. That swollen, bleeding, torn finger that is supposed to lead directly to the heart-symbolic, maybe?

Too hot. Too crowded. Plastic. I love NY souvenirs. I love NY tour guides. 9/11 over and over and over. God Bless America. But let's not get the Democratic convention on the front page.

Babies in strollers at 1:00 am. Empty streets at 9:oo am. Firemen everywhere. The clouds as bright at midnight as daylight.

Bright brown water in the ocean. Lady Liberty, without the freedom to climb. Delicately re-building, always changing, still New York City.

Architecture too tall to see. Short city blocks. An excuse to close a street and have a parade. Wanna be Willie Nelsons. Honey roasted peanut carts next to sewer vents.

Throbbing. Attitude. Friendly. Clean.

There will be a next time.