Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hamilton: Bunge

Under construction

Well, it's obvious that I've been doing everything BUT post; and today's image is very much a part of a work in progress. An earlier drawing prompted a well-thought comment, and as I was answering it, I realized that I had had other intentions for that drawing....and just never got around to realizing them.

So what you're looking at today is , once again, the result of fooling around in photoshop before I take the image back to the studio with the glue and scissors. I'll often play with something here on the computer - saves me a great deal of wasted effort (nope, the green sky doesn't work); as well as allowing me to stay glued to my current videogame and trick myself into thinking I'm doing artwork.

What the drawing was going to become was a world of blue, etched by yellow. I didn't get what I wanted in photoshop either, but then, just about everything is still under construction.